Slogan Wars: Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Marketing Rants + Critiques | October 10, 2012 | By Aaron Schoenberger

I feel like I’m in the Colosseum watching an all-out brawl between four luxury giants: Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes. Slogans happen to be their weapon of choice.

Aside from being a marketing professional, I’ve been a car enthusiast for many years and have owned a variety of vehicles ranging from race cars to luxury sedans. Basically, I know cars inside and out. Whenever I see car commercials I seem to subconsciously kick into overdrive and begin analyzing the campaigns.

In the past three years, luxury car manufacturers have been on a mission to reinvent their brands with new slogans. Some have succeeded, while others unfortunately aren’t making the cut.¬†Four of the most popular slogans are:

Audi: “Truth in Engineering”
BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
Lexus: “The Pursuit of Perfection”
Mercedes: “The Best or Nothing”

In my opinion, BMW takes the cake. Audi’s slogan isn’t catchy and doesn’t really show what their cars are about. Lexus saying they’re pursuing perfection makes their cars seem almost sub-par until perfection has been achieved. As far as Mercedes goes, their slogan “The Best or Nothing” almost sets them up for failure. One can hint at being the best in a crafty way, but directly saying it is never a good idea.

Why has BMW won the brawl? They’re basically saying their cars are the creme de la creme, however they’re doing it in a subtle, catchy way. Plus, after getting some seat time in a BMW, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan will make total sense.

Which slogan do you like best and why? Share below!



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