Best SEO Tool: Advanced Web Ranking Review Search Engine Optimization | January 16, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

I’ve been in the SEO business for 10+ years and have gone through dozens of SEO tools only to be let down in the end. However, after using Advanced Web Ranking’s software for the past month I’m not only impressed, but also hooked.

If there’s one word that comes to mind when I think of Advanced Web Ranking (AWR), it’s efficiency. Instead of bouncing between a bunch of tools like I did in the past, AWR puts everything at your fingertips, which is awesome. To be quite honest, if one of their employees was in front of me right now I’d feel compelled to hug them.

Of all the goodness in Advanced Web Ranking’s software, there are 5 things that stand out to me:

1) Google AdWords Keyword Tool Integration
Researching keywords with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool was always easy, but compiling a list of solid keywords then putting them into a keyword ranking report could be tedious, especially if you’re dealing with a bunch of projects at one time. I love how AWR integrated the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and gives you the ability to simply check keywords you’d like to use.

2) Analyzing Ranking Over Time
The one thing SEO clients want to see is progress. Basically, what are they paying for? Advanced Web Ranking gives you the ability to track ranking over time, similar to other tools, though it also graphs progress and allows a comparison between other websites. For example, you have the ability to track your website’s ranking for select keywords as well as your competitors’ sites.

3) Comparing Ranking for Different Websites
As the saying goes, you must keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The same applies to your competition. Being able to quickly and easily compare your ranking with competitors is crucial, and AWR makes it a breeze.

4) Managing Multiple Campaigns
Once you open the Advanced Web Ranking software and you’re viewing a particular section (e.g. keyword ranking), there’s a dropdown menu on the top right that allows you to toggle between projects. It only takes a few seconds to switch from one project to another, which is helpful if you need to quickly pull up stats.

5) Google Analytics Integration
Not only can Google Analytics be integrated, but you can integrate multiple accounts. This is very helpful for SEO professionals working with numerous clients, and therefore multiple Google Analytics accounts.

All in all, I’m very pleased with Advanced Web Ranking’s SEO tool and have only explored a small portion of the features. I’m going to be testing the software with a few social media campaigns and, from the looks of it, I’m sure it will be a success.

According to Advanced Web Ranking’s website, the tool allows you to do the following:
– Track social shares for website pages
– Track multiple Facebook fan pages
– Historical data importing from Twitter
– Monitor multiple Twitter accounts
– Social metrics evolution in time
– Focused updates

To get a sneak peek of Advanced Web Ranking’s software you can download a free trial from their website, which is what I did. I have also included a few screenshots from the tool below.





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