Brainchild Update: New Website, New Clients, New Ideas The Brainchild Group News | April 26, 2013 | By The Brainchild Group

Another sunny Friday in Los Angeles and we’re more excited than ever! Not only is the weather perfect, but we have a ton of cool stuff in the works.

For one, we’ve been working on our new website for quite sometime and it looks like the end is near. The site will be easier to navigate than the previous version, and includes more information about our goals and who we are as people. The juvenile, “new kid on the block” appearance we had in 2007 is out the window in favor of a more professional, seasoned look. We’re not just another Internet marketing company and our website should reflect such.

Secondly, The Brainchild Group was recently hired by three large corporations to help guide them down the digital brick road. One in particular is a large food company that rakes in nearly $1 billion in revenue per year. We were proactively contacted by these companies, which is both an honor and challenge. We like challenges.

And last but not least, our research over the past few months has uncovered some very interesting trends, which will ultimately give our clients a competitive edge. To truly be a forward-thinking company we must research and act before strategies become commonplace, which is what we’re known for.

We seem to be traveling at lightspeed, so stay tuned for more updates in the near future.




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