Social Media and Luxury Products: Finding Balance is Key Social Media Marketing | July 16, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Luxury products are often synonymous with exclusivity, and when using social media channels for promotional purposes it’s important to find the right balance. Marketing strategies must be as luxurious and successful as the products themselves.

The first step to launching a social media marketing campaign for a luxury brand is to take a step back, look at the company as a whole, compile a list of goals, and decide how others should view you. This will help develop a “social voice” as well as a coherent, representative strategy.

Secondly, finding balance comes into place. This includes asking yourself the following questions:
1) How much information do we actually want to share and how often?
2) How can we maintain our exclusive image while also promoting the company?
3) What can be done to interact with past customers, but not turn off potential customers?
4) To maintain an impeccable image, what measures are we going to take to ensure social communications are fluid, but also screened?

In the end, social media marketing for luxury brands is very tricky and requires extensive knowledge. Promoting Joe’s Pizzeria on the corner is much different than running a campaign for Ferrari, Rolex, or other iconic brands. And if your company doesn’t have the expertise in-house, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.



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