SEO for Large Corporations: Yes, It’s Needed Search Engine Optimization | July 12, 2013 | By The Brainchild Group

So you think your company is larger than life and has no need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Well think again.

Over the years there have been countless times when large corporations came to us for Internet marketing guidance and thought banner ads, social media, and other mediums were the way to go. Ranking in search engines just wasn’t a priority, however it ended up being one.

Let’s take a step back and look at the facts. Today and in the future, an increasing number of people will turn to the Internet, namely search engines, to do everything from book vacations to buy products. In this day and age when we need information, we Google it. Simply said.

When it comes to SEO, corporations must understand that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people search for keywords related to their business each month. And the higher their website ranks, the more exposure and traffic they’ll get.

According to Google, 42% of its search engine users click the search result that appears in the top position (#1), whereas the #2 result gets only 11.90%. This tells me that a ginormous company may rank well in Google — lets say #2 — but is still missing out on a ton of traffic. By improving ranking by only one position the company should theoretically receive nearly four times the amount of clicks. And when looking at 5 high-traffic keywords, that small improvement could lead to a huge increase in revenue.

Large corporations shouldn’t dismiss the magical powers of SEO, and must instead embrace them.



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