Elusive, Powerful Backlinks From Blogs: How? Search Engine Optimization | November 26, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

When it comes to search engine optimization and online public relations, one of the best things you can have is organic mentions on various blogs. But how does one get to the point where they’re looked at as an authority and actually get cited?

Let me begin by saying that backlinks from blog posts are now more important than ever, so it’s critical to understand the process of obtaining such links without paying for placement, which is frowned upon. Google now wants backlinks from press releases to have no-follow tags so PageRank isn’t passed, however do-follow links are allowed from blogs. Ultimately this means blog backlinks are invaluable.

Though it may sound totally out of reach, organically generating backlinks from blogs is relatively simple, but not easy. The one thing you yourself need and can’t live without is content. You need high-quality, intriguing content to position yourself (or your company) as an authority, spur interest then leave a lasting impression that could, at some point, lead to a citation. Taking this same approach has gotten me cited in everything from top industry-related sites to college textbooks.

The reality is that obtaining good backlinks from high-ranking blogs requires you to focus on generating unique content, and not simply scrape or spin articles found online. It’s your ideas, your style, and your knowledge that will get you noticed. In time backlinks will follow, grasshopper.



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