ReceiptMatch From American Express OPEN: A Business Executive’s Dream Technology | November 17, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

As technology evolved over the years we have been rewarded with everything from automobiles to sliced bread, and it’s always exciting when something revolutionary comes along. This is one of those times.

When I first learned about ReceiptMatch from American Express OPEN, I was both excited and relieved. Since I’m an entrepreneur and travel a lot for business, I end up amassing a ton of receipts. At one point my office started to resemble Milton’s from the movie Office Space (1999) and when trying to find receipts I felt like I was going on a safari through the paper jungle.

In a nutshell, ReceiptMatch gives cardmembers with a Business Card from American Express OPEN the ability to take photos of receipts and match them up with their online statement, which is invaluable. Instead of being a packrat and compiling years of receipts, you can simply do what I did: Kiss them goodbye.

Here are some of the things I love about ReceiptMatch:

    1. Instead of using file cabinets, shoeboxes, and every other storage device under the sun to house receipts, I take a photo and upload the image with the ReceiptMatch mobile app just after making a purchase. For certain purchases that may need to be returned (e.g. electronics) I keep the actual receipts to be on the safe side, but everything else gets recycled.
    2. After a couple of years most receipts fade and ultimately become illegible, so keeping the receipts is useless in the first place. With ReceiptMatch, that problem has been solved.
    3. When employees make purchases on our company card, we have them match an image of receipts with online transactions, or pass the receipts along to the accounting department so they can upload the images. This helps avoid any confusion.
    4. My wallet is no longer bursting at the seams and people have quit calling me George Costanza when I go to pay.

As a longtime American Express cardmember with multiple cards (Platinum, Business Platinum, Business OPEN, etc.) I have to say that I formed a crush on AmEx long before ReceiptMatch was released, and now we’ve moved on to the marriage stage. They’re a very forward-thinking company and have adopted technology with open arms, which I truly admire. Additionally, American Express is one of the most social media friendly companies on the planet, and that means a lot coming from me.



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