Geico Movie Day Commercial Banks on Hump Day Success Marketing Rants + Critiques | December 13, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Geico’s wildly successful Hump Day commercial has raked in nearly 20 million views in the past 6 months along with over 80,000 likes. Given its popularity, Geico made an ingenious decision to release a sequel that takes place in a movie theater. The new commercial is titled “Movie Day” and features a popcorn-eating camel and his good friends, including Mike.

What’s most interesting and exciting is the title of the video on Geico’s YouTube channel. The title, “GEICO – Hump Day Camel: Movie Day,” leads me to believe that the initial Hump Day commercial and the new Movie Day spot are just the beginning. I predict Geico will release another 3-5 Hump Day commercials in the next year.

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