Southern Comfort Karate Commercial Kicks Major Butt Marketing Rants + Critiques | December 22, 2013 | By Aaron Schoenberger

In another push to break away from its roots and tap into younger markets, Southern Comfort released a funky, karate-infused commercial a few months ago, which is creating quite a buzz in more ways than one.

Adweek summed it up best: “Every detail of the set and costume design—linoleum floors, too-tight jeans—is exactly in place, making for an overall visual style that almost evokes the hairs-on-end atmosphere of the Coen Brothers à la No Country for Old Men, or A Serious Man. Ultimately, though, it borrows more from the deadpan, this-can’t-be-real humor of Napoleon Dynamite.”

“He is—in real life—a martial artist and an owner of a couple dojos. So, W+K’s creative team and Tim Goodsall, the campaign’s director, added a second script written to play up his karate chops,” the article noted.

The song is “Fool to Care” by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

The statement being made: “Whatever’s Comfortable.”

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