Social Media Consultant for Restaurant Chains: Must be Foodie Social Media Marketing | January 8, 2014 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Social media marketing is an animal in itself and when marketing certain types of businesses via social channels, such as restaurant chains, there’s an extra layer of complexity.

The fact is that all social media consultants are not created equal and it’s imperative for restaurants to receive guidance from experts that truly understand the ins and outs of their business. Basically, restaurants not only need experienced marketing consultants, but also foodies. Ask yourself this: How is a consultant going to successfully guide the marketing of a food business if they themselves don’t have intimate knowledge of food and the food industry as a whole? Simply said, they can’t.

Restaurant chains on the hunt for a social media consultant should look for 3 key characteristics:
1) Extensive knowledge of the food industry and the business at hand. This includes the food being served, the wants and needs of customers, industry trends, etc.
2) Experience consulting for food companies and evidence of the results they achieved. The proof is in the pudding.
3) A true passion for food. A love for food is what creates amazing dishes and that same love must be exuded on social media sites.

After working with a wide variety of food businesses ranging from restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars to food brands that generate over a billion dollars per year, I can safely say that my love for food is ultimately what has helped me produce results. I enjoy what I do and that makes my efforts far more successful.



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