Car Dealership Social Media Marketing: Think Instagram Social Media Marketing | January 17, 2014 | By Aaron Schoenberger

I have always been a car fanatic and worked in the automotive aftermarket industry for many years, which has provided me with a ton of knowledge ranging from marketing automotive companies to fully understanding target markets. And I must admit, I’m always amazed how car dealerships fail to utilize the absolute best marketing tool that’s literally at their fingertips: cars themselves.

When most people think about social media marketing the first things that come to mind are Twitter and Facebook. But in reality, Instagram is far more valuable.

A recent study by L2 Think Tank shows that Instagram registers consumer engagement 18 times greater than Facebook and a whopping 48 times better than Twitter. However, a very small number of car dealerships use Instagram whereas most have Facebook pages.

Car dealerships need to have Instagram accounts dedicated to their business and share photos/videos of cars on a regular basis. The content should be posted with targeted hashtags to effectively reach target markets. And on the flip side, dealerships need to monitor specific hashtags and proactively reach out to potential customers. For example, if a BMW dealership in Los Angeles wants to attract new business, they can engage users posting under certain hashtags, such as #beverlyhills or #calabasas. It’s all about understanding target markets and finding ways to connect.

The moral of the story is to use Instagram to showcase the millions of dollars of cars on your lot, spark interest, and ultimately attract new business.



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