Aaron Schoenberger Quoted in AOL Real Estate Article The Brainchild Group News | May 27, 2014 | By The Brainchild Group

We are pleased to announce that the founder of The Brainchild Group, Aaron Schoenberger, was quoted in an article published on the AOL Real Estate website. Please find an excerpt below:
Rely on your intuition. Aaron Schoenberger of Fix & Flip Network keeps future owners in mind before making definitive plans for a fixer-upper. “When looking to remodel a home I am inspired by a variety of things. For one, I consider the purpose of the remodel (i.e., will the home be my primary residence or rented/sold) and base the project on that. The purpose gives me inspiration,” the house-flipping expert said.

The article, titled “Ways to Reduce Remodel Anxiety,” can be found HERE.



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