The Art of Instagram Engagement: 3 Killer Tips Social Media Marketing | May 27, 2014 | By Aaron Schoenberger

As Instagram continues to dominate the social media world and more businesses are seeing the light, it’s important to realize that Instagram marketing isn’t only about sharing photos then crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. It’s more…so much more.

Becoming instafamous involves 3 key things:

1) Quality Content – If you want to pique the interest of Instagram users it’s imperative to share photos and videos that are of high quality. Yes a photo of your homemade burger that looks like it was trampled by a herd of cattle will be interesting to close friends and family, but it’s not going to attract the masses. Think about the clarity of content, using closeups, and remember that colorful photos will suck people in.

2) Proactive Engagement – Don’t simply share a glimpse into your world, but also show interest in others. For example, if your company is a restaurant chain with over 100 locations throughout the United States, you should be monitoring and engaging users posting under targeted hashtags (i.e. #food, #foodie, #restaurant). Additionally, target users based on specific locations where you have restaurants (i.e. #LosAngeles). The more targeted you are, the higher conversion rates you’ll see.

3) Consistency – Think about advertising and how you’ve seen the same commercials over and over again, which is done for a reason. To see results on Instagram you must consistently get in front of people so they don’t forget about you and the awesome products/services your company provides.

Good luck with your Instagram marketing journey and if you hit a roadblock, feel free to run your questions by me.



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