Online PR: Compelling vs Keyword-Rich Headlines Internet Marketing | June 26, 2014 | By Aaron Schoenberger

The days of relying on catchy headlines to catapult press releases into PR heaven are unfortunately over, and today it’s important to find a balance between creating a keyword-rich headline and one that’s also compelling.

For all that don’t know what a press release headline is, it’s simply the title of the release and typically the first thing recipients see, including editors and bloggers. You want to capture their attention in 6-9 words, but that’s only important if they actually see your press release.

In a day and age where online press release distribution is valuable from both an SEO and social media perspective, it’s imperative to craft keyword-rich headlines to ensure online distribution is successful. You have to include the right keywords to reach the right people, and doing so will boost publicity and improve ROI.

Additionally, keyword-rich headlines will ensure press releases rank well in Google News for exactly what’s being targeted.

The next time you’re drafting a press release for online distribution, don’t forget to include targeted keywords in the headline. You’ll thank me later.

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