Entrepreneurial Hardships: How Rejection Can Breed Success Business News | July 2, 2014 | By Aaron Schoenberger

There comes a time during our wild entrepreneurial adventures when we hit roadblocks and get rejected in one way or another, but you must not view rejection as a negative. Being rejected is what made me successful.

Thinking back to when I first started The Brainchild Group back in 2007 when most people had no clue about social media and those that did thought it was a fad, I received more rejections than Borat in a Hollywood nightclub. I would have companies come to me for marketing only to run for the hills when I suggested using social media.

I would spend countless hours meeting with potential clients and preparing lengthy proposals only to be shot down in the end. Thinking back to those days it sucked, yes, though it didn’t stop me from completing my mission.

Living in a noisy, tiny apartment in West Los Angeles with no refrigerator (I refused to purchase one because my mind was set on buying real estate) and running a business nobody had heard of was hard enough, but working my butt off only to be rejected in the end transformed me into an animal. My business became my life and the life I wanted was dependent on the business.

I remember sitting in the dark in my squeaky computer chair telling myself I’m going to finish one more task before bed when birds would start chirping and I’d see the sun slowly rising over the apartment building across the street. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about: Doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Fast forward to today, after many sleepless nights and being forced to sacrifice spending time with close friends and family, I am fortunate to say that my mission is complete. I’ve had the opportunity to guide businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, which is what I originally set out to do.

However, I am now faced with a new set of challenges.

I am the kind of person that’s passionate about my beliefs and I’m never afraid to pursue my dreams, especially when an idea can potentially save lives. This is ultimately what spurred me to create a new technology company aimed at making the world a better place. I am itching to tell you more, but my attorney would give me a swift karate chop on the wrist, so I must remain quiet for now.

The new company I’ve created presents a totally different set of challenges that I’m determined to conquer regardless of how many times we may be rejected by potential investors, clients, or anyone else. Overcoming roadblocks will make you a smarter and more successful entrepreneur, and will serve as fuel for your internal fire.

Fortunately we’re off to a very good start with an amazing team, revolutionary product, inspired investors, and a serious problem that needs to be solved. And I know we’re going to make a difference.

All of you entrepreneurs out there must always look at the bright side of situations. Don’t let being turned down impact your drive but instead let your drive break through barriers and get you to where you want to be.






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