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We are a creative group of marketing professionals that truly have a passion for what we do. We live what we preach. We wear tinfoil helmets and concoct uber-cool ideas, then attack marketing projects with our lightsabers. 

The Brainchild Group was created by Aaron Schoenberger, who started the company with a hope and prayer. Aaron began his marketing career in 1998 with a simple website, some banner ads, and a dream. From that point forward, he was hooked. 

In the 90’s, Aaron worked for Johnny Cochran’s law firm as an intern, where he gained a wealth of business knowledge. With original intentions of being a lawyer, this was an ideal position for him. He learned about the legal field as well as running a successful, professional business. 

While in college, Aaron was hired at Dualstar Entertainment Group, which is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s company. Dualstar is owned and operated by the Olsen Twins and handles all of their manufacturing, distribution, advertising, and a million other things. Aaron worked directly under the company’s Director of Marketing for many years, and in doing so, learned a great deal.

After working for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Aaron served as Director of Marketing for Stealth Auto and Powerchip. Both companies are involved in the automotive industry, offering quality performance upgrades for all sorts of vehicles. While working in the automotive industry, Aaron spearheaded marketing campaigns in new, untouched markets, wrote content for articles and press releases, and managed all company marketing efforts.

In early 2007, Aaron created The Brainchild Group, which has grown to be one of the top web design and internet marketing companies in California. The Brainchild Group has clients from a wide variety of genres, and focuses on delivering cost-effective, functional, creative online promotion via new age channels.


A small number of The Brainchild Group’s clients include:

1) Melisse restaurant in Santa Monica. 

     – #1 restaurant in California for 3 years in a row 

     – One of the top 40 restaurants in the United States

     – Recipient of 2 Michelin Stars

2) Sifu Toy Kung Fu Master

     – Olympic Gold Medalist

     – 2008 Martial Arts Master of the Year

     – Youngest master to be admitted to the Kung Fu Hall of Fame

     – Choreographed the martial arts portion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

3) M Industrial Design

     – Top product development company

     – M Design has created products for Nestea, L’Oreal, Yamaha, Weber Grills, etc.


The Brainchild Group’s passions, and specialties, are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Viral Video Marketing + Distribution
  • Placement for Banner Advertisements
  • Blog Marketing  + Development
  • Creative Website Design
  • Food… We love food… Yummmm


The Brainchild Group

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