• Our Start (2007)

    The Brainchild Group was founded by Aaron Schoenberger in 2007 when social media marketing was in its early stages and he saw an opportunity to use his vast experience to deliver effective, proven strategies to companies around the world.

  • Growth (2009)

    A couple of years after kicking off, The Brainchild Group had established itself as a leading boutique internet marketing and consulting firm guiding companies ranging from celebrities to emerging food brands to Fortune 100 financial institutions.

  • Innovation (2010)

    By 2010, the company achieved significant growth and began operating as both an internet marketing agency as well as a marketing think tank focused on studying social media (analytics, behaviors, etc.), search engine algorithms and influencer marketing before it became the next big thing.

  • Industry Recognition (2011)

    Through diligent research and findings published by The Brainchild Group the company and Aaron Schoenberger himself became industry-recognized – he was asked to speak at the first CBS conference on social media (Social: The New Media) at the Avalon in Hollywood, was featured in a PostRank webinar on social media analytics a few weeks before the company was acquired by Google and rolled into Google Analytics, etc.

  • Early Influencers (2012)

    Social media influencer marketing is the craze today; the Brainchild Group built its chops in the early days. For example, in 2012 American Express asked Aaron Schoenberger to participate in a digital campaign and featured one of his tweets on the homepage of AmericanExpress.com for three weeks.

  • Peer Reviews (2013)

    Concepts that came out of The Brainchild Group’s research were widely covered in news articles and in college textbooks, including the 2013 edition of Contemporary Marketing by Boone and Kurtz that included a chapter based on research/insights documented by The Brainchild Group on Xbox’s Kinect ad campaign and the message behind it.

  • Disrupting Technology (2014)

    Being early adopters and often times beta testers of the first social media analytics, SEO, and other marketing tools on the market, by 2014 we realized their downfalls and decided to develop our own: Aaron Schoenberger founded Soteria Intelligence to deliver social media analytics and monitoring solutions that use deep learning to cut through the white noise.

  • Today (2021)

    The Brainchild Group is now comprised of a team of marketers, influencers and researchers that rely on the company’s vast experience along with access to the most cutting edge social media and business intelligence platform on the market (Soteria Intelligence) to deliver solutions that go far above and beyond the capabilities of conventional social media, SEO and influencer agencies.


Aaron Schoenberger

Aaron Schoenberger is the Founder of The Brainchild Group and also serves as the Founder/CEO of Soteria Intelligence – a technology company that used The Brainchild Group’s 10+ years of R&D to deliver revolutionary AI-powered social media analytics, monitoring and digital customer experience solutions that are being used by a variety of large organizations today.

Mr. Schoenberger has spent the past 15+ years studying the internet, including: social media, search engine optimization, online public relations, digital customer experiences, and online behaviors in general. He’s had the opportunity to guide businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, spoke at a variety of conferences, was cited as a subject-matter expert by various news outlets and publications (BBC, Columbia Journalism Review, NPR, The Guardian, VideoAge, college textbooks, etc.), and serves as a social media expert witness in federal court cases. 

Managing Partner

Daniel Galvez

Daniel Galvez has a passion for creating compelling content and over the years he has used that drive to create a wide variety of material for startups, social media influencers, and multi-billion dollar global companies. He specializes in online content creation that taps into users and delivers intriguing messaging.

Mr. Galvez’s work has been feature in everything from large marketing campaigns to YouTube videos that have garnered millions of views. He uses his experience with social media and knowledge of viewers to guide Soteria Intelligence’s content strategy ranging from corporate videos to educational material, social media content, and more.