In this day and age social media is a driving force behind both the success and failure of restaurants throughout the world, and understanding the secret recipe for blowing up on social media is the light at the end of tunnel. But in reality, it’s not that difficult, and this post touches on 3 tips to help restaurants succeed on their social media marketing journeys.

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks and various studies have shown how the platform generates far more consumer engagement compared to Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums. And when it comes to using social media to market luxury brands or specific luxury products, Instagram is truly the secret sauce.

We are living in a time where social media marketing drives a vast majority of the success businesses have ranging from airlines to luxury brands to the oddballs like Geico who took something as mundane as insurance and morphed it into a social media phenomenon. But how do you find ninjas with the skills needed to emerge victorious in battles like this?

Los Angeles is truly one of the main social media hubs with a wide variety of influencers calling the city home, and as someone that was born and raised here it’s exciting to see how things have evolved over time – particularly from being the “Entertainment Capital of the World” to also becoming a driving force behind social media (content, trends, etc.) – which is essentially the new age of entertainment.

We are living in a world where social media touches all aspects of everyday life ranging from the news we consume to the products we buy, where we eat, what we strive to be and the list goes on. And because of that, companies are spending more and more by the day to market on social channels while at the same time social media marketers are popping up left and right – but who really has the expertise to guide you in the right direction?

Reflecting on the 12+ years we’ve spent guiding companies on their social media journeys it’s been fun to see the marketing world evolve over time – first large organizations were skeptical about social media and thought it was a fad (convincing them on the value was like pulling teeth) then they warmed up to the future, started to see great ROI, and a multibillion-dollar industry was born.

Over the past couple of years the social media marketing world has seen some big changes ranging from YouTube’s algorithms and policies causing a ruckus to marketing dollars moving more towards influencer marketing campaigns. And with tons of companies throughout the world jumping on the influencer bandwagon, there’s a lot of talk about social media influencer marketing consultants and if they’re actually needed. We’ll touch on that today.

Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving game that requires SEO companies to stay ahead of the curve if they wish to deliver top notch results for clients, and at the same time strategies often differ when looking at small to mid-size companies versus global enterprises. Ultimately, what makes enterprise SEO so different than SEO for other types of businesses?

You have probably heard all of the buzz about social media influencer marketing and how marketing budgets are not only shifting even more to digital, but in particular towards influencers. And because of that, companies are scrambling to find social media influencer marketing agencies to guide them, but not all are created equal.