For nearly 20 years we have guided some of the biggest companies in the world on marketing strategies and it’s interesting how questions have shifted over time from how can we attract new people, generate more revenue, etc. to what should we be worried about now?

The legal industry is similar to the medical space where both have always been slow to adapt, though nowadays firms are waking up to the power of social media for a wide variety of purposes outside of marketing and this post touches on a few of them, especially when it comes to using social media for the legal industry.

We have covered this topic in the past after guiding hundreds of companies around the world for nearly 20 years and it’s interesting to see how the trends and subsequent results continue to align with what we predicted before, especially when it comes to small-minded social media marketing concepts that only scratch the surface.

Looking at the past 20 years it’s exciting to see the progression of social media from its infancy to how it connected people around the world, produced huge benefits then started to go down a dark path in many ways which has led to legal issues we’ve helped solve in the past along with what we see coming in the future.

We are living in interesting times where AI has become a household term and social media drives a vast majority of our daily lives in a wide variety of ways. Though how do companies cut through the white noise (aka BS) and gain clarity into the future?

Social media has evolved since the early days from a place to connect with others that have mutual interests yet nowadays it’s a melting pot of people/opportunities along with a bunch of companies trying to game them via social media. But not all tactics produce the best results, and many can actually hurt your brand today.

For nearly 20 years we have guided the biggest companies in the world on social media initiatives ranging from launching global campaigns to being expert witnesses in complex legal cases involving social media, and we thought it would be helpful to drop this post around the common failures we see in small to mid-sized companies that the big players (Fortune 500s, etc.) don’t typically suffer from. 

Going back hundreds if not thousands of years, processes have been flawed and because of that innovations were made ranging from the Industrial Revolution to the AI/tech world today – and continuing to listen, learn then adapt is absolutely critical to push humanity forward.