The reality of the social media marketing world today is that company departments live in silos and because of that many things are lost in translation along the way – like operating with blinders where you can’t see the big picture – and that’s where social media consultants shine.

We have guided a variety of yacht companies in the past ranging from builders to charter companies and whether you’re looking to buy a yacht or charter one, captivating content is truly what creates the vision. But how can companies in the yacht world better monetize on that? We’ll explore.

Imagine going on a wild trip to Death Valley in California and not being prepared then facing the wrath of nature – that’s exactly what happens when companies dive into social media marketing with no real strategy in place.

We have been guiding companies on their social media journeys for 15 years and one roadblock large businesses often face is whether to go with a smaller, boutique social media agency or a large global provider which is typically a social media arm of a full-service agency.

Social media has taken over our everyday lives and with that comes social media marketing where companies ranging from small to large are all competing on social networks for your attention/business. And when it comes to marketing on Instagram does it really work?

The art of writing press releases is something that is mastered over time and one of the questions that often comes up is whether businesses should hire a PR company to write press releases or can they be done internally?

The art of writing blog posts is sacred and true ninjas achieve success by conveying a message that can quickly and easily be absorbed; not long posts stuffed with keywords that are relics of the past. Let me explain…

The answer to if influencer marketing works, especially on social media, is yes but that’s if it’s done right and people have real influence. Nowadays social media is inflated with people buying followers, likes, etc. and seeing engagement (like conversations in the comments) is key.