Over the years we have worked on hundreds of projects ranging from guiding the largest automotive and food companies through their social media journeys to creating innovative strategies for startups that are looking to capture large opportunities quickly. We use our vast experience throughout many industries to help you see what's on the horizon before it reaches the front door.

Social Media Consulting

Our team of industry-recognized social media consultants help companies navigate the wild world of social media marketing by delivering proven strategies based on over 10 years of experience in the space. See better results and save time/money by going with an experienced team with a passion for social media.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consulting team is very research-oriented and operates like a think tank focused on discovering search engine algorithm changes, cutting edge SEO strategies to boost ranking and more then uses the insights we glean to provide SEO consulting to organizations around the world.

Influencer Consulting

Social media influencer marketing is one of the hottest topics in marketing today, but unfortunately not many companies know how to effectively tap into influencers. We’ve been innovators in the social media world for nearly 15 years, are influencers ourselves, have guided some of the top celebrities, YouTubers, etc. and use our expertise to provide social media influencer consulting.

Analytics Consulting

By putting a heavy focus on R&D around search engines, social networks, human behaviors and other areas as well as the AI-powered social media analytics technologies that were born at The Brainchild Group, we have a team that specializes in providing social media analytics and business intelligence consulting.