What We Are All About...

We have a passion for taking on projects that require us to think outside of the box, bring complex initiatives down to earth, and ultimately deliver strategies that help companies achieve their goals whether they’re a funded startup searching for the light at the end of the marketing tunnel or a Fortune 500 company facing problems they’re struggling to solve. This is what we do.

Why Us?

Organizations come to The Brainchild Group for guidance on social media, search engine optimization and internet marketing in general because we’re not just a run-of-the-mill marketing company offering various services, but instead a fusion between a boutique agency and a marketing think tank – and when technologies on the market aren’t keeping up with what’s around the corner, we build our own.

Unlock the power of social

media and influencer marketing

Our team delivers a wide variety of social media marketing, consulting and analytics services to companies that are looking to expand their social media presence, connect with and see value from influencers, and measure the success using our revolutionary social media analytics platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a top search engine optimization company, we specialize in working with clients to deeply understand their needs, including the people they are trying to reach, then create plans that safely and strategically boost ranking in search engines. We deliver targeted content, generate buzz, create recognition within industries and other approaches that will boost the ranking of sites in an organic, safe and social media-friendly manner.

Keyword Research

Understanding the types of keywords to target is a very important part of search engine optimization, and we work with clients to form robust sets of keywords that allow them to organically and strategically attract visitors and convert sales.

Content Creation

We help companies create quality, targeted content that not only powers your blog leading to social engagements, but it also plays a big role in SEO by having keyword-rich as well as fresh content.

SEO Audits

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your existing website by identifying potential issues or focused on researching competitors to better understand their SEO strategies, we provide robust SEO audits to guide you.

Reputation Management

In this day and age your reputation can be damaged in a split second by damaging blog posts, news articles, social media posts and more, and we provide reputation management services focused on bumping down negative content in search engines.

Link Building

Aside from on-site optimization and content, building backlinks to your site is a key part of SEO and involves identifying valuable opportunities to generate links pointing to your site from reputable, relevant sources.

Local SEO

Unlike broader SEO efforts that aren’t tied to any specific locations (e.g. buy watches online), many businesses ranging from restaurants to car dealerships need to target specific locations, and we help them by providing localized SEO strategies.

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