Real Estate Marketing with Video Content | What Brokers SHOULD Be Doing Social Media Marketing | August 28, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

I’ve been a customer in the real estate market for many years, and have noticed that most real estate agents have marketing that simply sucks (I’m sorry to admit it). I’m sick and tired of seeing a dressed up agent in front of a home, with some Kool Aid smile, trying to get me to purchase a property. This marketing is over and done with, especially with the economy in the toilet. 

This leads me to the topic of this article: Marketing with Video Content. When looking for properties, I have always found that media-heavy listings attract my attention. I want to see photos, videos, floor plans, and anything else possible. This is what attracts me and makes me schedule a showing — nothing else. I don’t care if the agent has perfect teeth, a nice suit, can juggle 5 watermelons with their pinky finger, etc. This just doesn’t matter to me or my bank account. 

Recently, I’ve found that many brokers who sell lofts and modern homes are in fact utilizing video content. Last week I was looking for a live/work loft in Downtown Los Angeles and was ecstatic to see a 9-minute walkthrough of one of the units on YouTube. I was totally stoked. This saved me a 30-minute drive and a few hours of my time. Time is money. 

The real question for brokers is: if you are not using videos to market your listings, why not? If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a video says. Get off your butt, visit a local electronics store, and invest in a decent HD video camera. I myself have a Nikon D90, which I absolutely love. It shoots very high-quality photos as well as HD Video. As my friend Borat would say, “I liiiiiiiiiike!.”

Once a camera is obtained, record a walkthrough of the property for sale. I suggest shooting 2-3 walkthroughs, then choose the best one. Not all videos will be perfect, so plan for this.  

After video content is created, slap a text intro on the video that describes the property for sale and includes a link to your (the agent/brokers) website. 

Finally, when the video is shot and edited, upload it to YouTube and the many other video websites. Be sure to include a relevant, keyword-rich description that will attract and retain viewers. 

The current, degraded economic conditions are hurting the real estate market profoundly, though video marketing could be the saving grace for many brokers. After all, who doesn’t like having an edge over the competition?


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