Marketing Rant | False Real Estate Advertisements Annoy Me! Marketing Rants + Critiques | September 27, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stand all of the false real estate advertisements I see all over the net; they really annoy me. As a customer, misleading ads that are intended to draw visitors to a real estate broker’s site are a big turn-off. Providing factual, accurate information is the one and only way to attract qualified visitors and maintain a decent online image. 


Some of the classic, misleading ads I see include:

1) Craigslist Listings w/ False Title

I often browse Craigslist when looking for properties, and in the past year or so I’ve noticed a huge influx of brokers/agents using false titles. For example, the title of the post will read “Modern Loft in Downtown Los Angeles – 2,800 square feet!” though the listing will simply link to the broker’s/agent’s website. Not cool. Misleading. 

2) Home Information is Way Off

I always compare listings to public records, and quite a few times I’ve noticed listings that are completely incorrect. My suggestion: be as factual as possible. Not only does this retain buyers, but it helps promote a transparent (and therefore more trusted) image. 

3) Pictures are Photochopped

Design professionals like myself can almost always pick out a modified photo, and I sometimes come across photos of real estate that have clearly been modified. This is a big no no. If you have listed a property in good faith, there is no reason to modify an image. 


Real estate agents that are looking to market their business/listings should think twice about placing misleading ads, they will really do no good.  

I hope the above information helps! 



Aaron Schoenberger



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