Assessing Market Size + Targeting Best Keywords Internet Marketing | November 19, 2009 | By The Brainchild Group

I hope everyone is having a good night.

Recently I noticed a question on LinkedIn regarding assessing market size and what keywords to target. I thought I’d make a post on the topic and share my thoughts with everyone.

I suggest researching and targeting the broadest range possible, then specifically targeting niche keywords/phrases. Basically, the strength of websites/content is hierarchical in the eyes of search engines. The front page or home page of a site almost always ranks the highest and so on and so forth. The goal is to prioritize keywords and hierarchically apply them to a respective website.

Since proper website structure and online marketing efforts will effectively target all potential internet customers, for all keyword sets, I believe in going as broad as possible. Keywords/phrases that receive only 1,000 searches per month may seem useless, but in all reality are sometimes the most beneficial.

For one, ranking extremely high for infrequent keywords is much easier. Targeting 10 queries with less than 1,000 monthly searches (basically nothing) takes less work than going after high-traffic keywords.

Secondly, broadening the content on your main page then directly addressing niche keywords in additional content pages will cover all bases. As an example, for my company (The Brainchild Group), we use Los Angeles Marketing Firm in the title of the home page (outdated Flash site we’re in the process of updating). Then, to directly target keywords, we utilize interior pages to which we build backlinks (incoming links).

I hope this information has been helpful and good luck SEO’ers. 

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