Camtrol, Inc. Launches Revolutionary Camera Stabilizing Product Social Media Marketing | February 25, 2010 | By The Brainchild Group
Camtrol "Fully Loaded"

Camtrol "Fully Loaded"


Los Angeles, California – Camtrol, Inc. has released a revolutionary, customizable camera stabilizing product that is taking the camera industry by storm. Via a proprietary design, the Camtrol allows users to capture photos and videos that were previously not possible with conventional camera equipment.

Sporting three locking ball joints and a vertical stabilizer bar, the Camtrol can be set to numerous customized configurations that allow the user to remain standing upright while capturing ground level shots and overhead shots among many other angles. Camtrol’s goal is to provide “Balance.Support.Freedom.” to its users, thus allowing for improved performance and a finer finished product (photo or video).

Camtrol is ideal for both video cameras and DSLR cameras and is currently being used for a variety of purposes including action scenes, sports scenes, event videography, documentaries and filming of live programs.

Camtrol is now processing orders through the official website ( and will be releasing a variety of videos and customer testimonials shortly.

About Camtrol, Inc.
Camtrol, Inc. is the inventor, designer and manufacturer of Camtrol – the leading camera stabilization device on the market today. With over 15 years of experience in action and sports videography, Jonathan Rowen invented the Camtrol to cater specifically to a market in need of quality video stabilization equipment.

Camtrol, Inc.

Ron Rowen
Camtrol, Inc.

Jonathan Rowen
Product Development
Camtrol, Inc.


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