‘Silly Bandz’ Banned in Schools Across the United States Business News | May 27, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger

Now that I have finished school, am grown, and have created a successful company that’s known throughout the world, I feel compelled to provide my opinion on the Silly Bandz ban that is being adopted by schools around the country. Children have rights too, and I feel banning a silly little bracelet is the worst thing educational institutions can do. As a child I could not speak up, but now I can.

Oppressive teachers limit freedom speech and corner children into being things they are not, which results in personalities that are both reclusive and conventional (thinking inside the box and being afraid to look outside it). Our goal should be to provide children with the tools they need to discover themselves, their true interests, what makes them tick. This process of personality development is highly dependent on having the ability to freely pursue thoughts and interests. The mere fact that Silly Bandz are being banned is, in itself, a reason for children to find the product cool, edgy and therefore want to wear one. When children are pushed in a particular direction they bounce back in the opposite direction. We all know this (well, most of us).

Ultimately, the ban on Silly Bandz is only promoting the product and giving it exposure. Once self-conscious children see the bands as being “cool” they will attempt to wear them to gain a higher social standing. In the end, the ban will lead to regular, intelligent students being alienated and disciplined for wearing a silly bracelet with the sole intention of fitting in. Does this do any good? No.

To fix the issue of children playing with Silly Bandz during class, which is partially why they are being banned, I present a much more positive and educational approach. Teachers should invest a whopping $5 for a pack of Silly Bandz and offer them to children who have the best grades, pay attention in class, complete all of their homework, etc. By taking Silly Bandz and offering them as a reward for outstanding performance, the bracelets are transformed from a distraction to an educational tool. If a class is taking a history test and the top 5 students will receive a Silly Band, and all students in the class want one, I guarantee test scores will be much higher.

In conclusion, I must say that mean, oppressive teachers suck. Let kids be kids and use their interests (e.g. Silly Bandz) in a constructive way not a way to punish them.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group



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