Lexington BBQ Festival Turns Up The Heat in North Carolina Lifestyle | October 23, 2010 | By Aaron Schoenberger
Lexington BBQ Festival 27th Annual

official photo from: www.barbecuefestival.com

If you’re a foodie like me, and a BBQ fanatic, you are probably sitting at home crying right now. Well, that’s unless you were fortunate enough to attend the Holy Grail of BBQ goodness — the Lexington BBQ Festival in Lexington, North Carolina.

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the Lexington BBQ Festival and each year I kick myself in the butt for not being able to attend. I’m in the advertising industry and business gets hectic towards the holiday season, so jetting over to NC becomes quite difficult. If I was not running a company I’d be there in a jiffy, but the days of unlimited flexibility are far gone.

I was browsing local news sources, and came across a few interesting statistics on the event, which show the sheer volume of food and people. Now this is what I call a BBQ…
1) Over 100,000 BBQ lovers are expected
2) 15,000 pounds of BBQ will be cooked up
3) 4,000 hot dogs
4) 500 gallons of slaw
5) 40,000-50,000 buns

In conclusion, I am formally requesting a judges box of brisket, pork and chicken be FedEx’d to my house. I am willing to donate a hug to anyone that can pull that off, and I’ll even cover the FedEx charges. I’m an Olympic Hugmedalist, so that’s not an empty promise.

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