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Marketing for corporations has always been a costly endeavor often relying on television commercials, print campaigns, PR events and other semi-effective, pricey marketing mediums. This is not the way it has to be, it is just the way it has always been. Until now that is.

Nowadays, internet marketing is taking over and conventional forms of marketing are being tossed out the window. Print advertisements and television ads are becoming increasingly ineffective and their cost has remained steady. Ultimately, these mediums are producing decreased ROI and do not promote future business sustainability and growth.

Search engine optimization (SEO), compared to other forms of marketing, acts in an oxymoronic fashion. Over time, SEO actually improves strength and therefore decreases marketing costs exponentially. On the flip side, television and print advertisements have a very limited shelf life and disappear soon after they appear. Not ideal.

I highly suggest all corporations look into SEO as corporate SEO will produce increased profits through decreased marketing expenditures and more widespread online exposure. Simply said, what company wouldn’t want increased revenue? Well, SEO will provide such.

I hope the above-mentioned information has been helpful for all of you corporations out there.

For all corporations interested in professional, profit-increasing SEO services please feel free to contact me directly at 310-876-0874 x1. I have over 10 years of internet marketing experience and have worked with corporations across a wide variety of niche, from small to large ($1 billion).

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group is a professional internet marketing and SEO agency that specializes in Corporate SEO Training for a variety of businesses. Please feel free to CONTACT US for a consultation.



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