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Green marketing has come a long way with recycled paper, eco-friendly transportation, green packing materials, and a plethora of other green marketing mediums. Though, in all honesty, nothing — and I mean nothing — is greener than internet marketing.

Internet marketing includes a wide variety of techniques, all of which produce the same results (if not better) than other forms of marketing. Though, the best part is, utilizing the internet to market your business saves money, preserves the environment and increases profits all at the same time. Regarding the monetary aspect, companies are estimated to spend $700 million on internet marketing in 2009 and a whopping $3 billion by 2014, which is a sign to launch your internet marketing campaign today.

Why is internet marketing green?

1) Bye Bye Shipping!

Green internet marketing focuses on eliminating transportation/shipping, which will ultimately reduce carbon emissions. Typically marketing materials are not created in-house, such as flyers and postcards, so these items need to be shipped from printers to your location. Naughty naughty! Internet marketing totally scratches this step.

2) Toxic Chemicals — No Thank You!

Internet marketing is green because it wipes out the need for toxic chemicals often used in printing, cleaning marketing material, the production of POP displays, etc. In particular, printing includes all sorts of chemicals, finishes, and other environmentally unfriendly substances.

3) Solar-Powered Marketing

Internet marketing campaigns are green because they can be powered by solar energy — what other marketing medium can say that? Ha! I myself have a Voltaic Systems Generator Bag, which is a laptop bag that I use to charge my MacBook Pro (excellent battery life + green battery). The Voltaic Generator bag has photovoltaic solar panels along one side that plugin to a battery housed on the inside. Once charged, the small battery charges my laptop, iPhone, camera, my friend’s cellphones and electronic devices that belong to complete strangers (I’m a nice guy, what can I say). Solar-powered marketing campaigns reduce energy consumption therefore reducing the need for energy and the need for the production of energy.

4) Timeless Material

Marketing green using the internet is beneficial because online content is timeless and remains on the web for many years (if not indefinitely). On the flip side brochures, postcards, catalogs and magazine ads all have a limited shelf life and disappear soon after being displayed. This means advertisements have to be continuously run, duplicating content, and exponentially hurting the environment through excess shipping, printing and distribution. Internet marketing focuses on establishing solid, helpful content that has no expiration.

Aaron Schoenberger
The Brainchild Group

If you happen to have questions about green marketing with the internet, please feel free to call me (Aaron) at The Brainchild Group — I’m always here to help. I enjoy providing marketing advice and meeting new, interesting people. (310) 876-0874 x1

For businesses looking to market green using the internet, The Brainchild Group is your one-stop-shop. Specializing in eco-friendly marketing campaigns that use the web to its full capabilities while simultaneously increasing profits and saving the environment.



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