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Portable Powermat Wireless Charger

Portable Powermat Wireless Charger

Powermat has launched a revolutionary new device that is, mark my word, going to permanently change the way we charge our electronic devices. The Powermat uses innovative magnetic induction charging to charge up to 3 Powermat-enabled devices simultaneously. Simply take your electronic device, slap it on the Powermat pad, and you’re good to go. How cool is that?

According to Powermat’s website, “Powermat USA is a joint venture between Michigan-based HoMedics and Israel/New York-based PowerMat, Ltd. Together we’re commercializing wireless charging. We introduced over a dozen products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2009 that will be available in stores Fall 2009.” For me, as a big techy, seeing Powermat’s commercial on television was a dream come true — I’ve always wondered when wireless charging will come about. Finally, a collaboration of grand proportions (and uber-coolness) has come to fruition. 

The Powermat wireless charger was created as a universal energy hub and charges a wide variety devices including the iPhone, BlackBerry, MP3 players, cell phones, headsets, hand-held electronic games, digital cameras, GPS units and more. I will be purchasing a Powermat in the next few days and, to add to the cool factor, will be combining the Powermat with my Voltaic Generator solar bag. This way I can harness the sun’s energy, plug my Powermat into the Voltaic Generator’s battery, and charge all of my devices quickly and easily. I can charge electronic devices directly from the Voltaic Generator bag without the Powermat, though carrying around different adapters/plugs can be bothersome.

So, the big question is: what’s the damage? Well, surprisingly, the Powermat isn’t too expensive (especially for what it offers). Both the portable and home/office Powermat are $99 and a “receiver” is needed for each electronic device, which is between $29 and $39. Not bad! I liiiiiiike!

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