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Los Angeles real estate marketing has become a very tricky, and sometimes costly, game of cat and mouse. Home prices are down, qualified buyers are non-existent, and the small amount of qualified buyers have difficulty securing decent/appealing loans. As a result, homes stay on the market for long periods of time, realtors invest additional funds to market the properties, and the overwhelming number of homes on the market keeps prices low. Good ole’ supply and demand.

Verizon has stepped into the viral world and released one cool, cutting-edge television commercial that really caught my attention. I’m a professional marketer, with over 10 years experience, and commercials hardly ever amuse me. Well, this one did.

Loft marketing, especially given the style/price of most lofts currently on the market, is heavily geared towards the younger, hip, middle to upper-class crowd. Urban executives, creatives and green enthusiasts have always been fond of lofts, and often find their dream homes through persistent online research. Finding that one special property is very difficult; sometimes it actually feels never-ending.