It’s now September, and the holiday season is quickly approaching. With the economy still in the toilet, most of you business owners are thinking: what can I do to market my business during the holiday season, but not break the bank? Well, the answer is a simple one — internet marketing.

This past weekend I decided to cruise to Santa Monica beach, in Southern California, and snap some photos. It was a gorgeous day and luckily it paid off. Visibility was excellent, and I had to take advantage of such.

I’ve heard sonic booms, have shot guns, saw things explode (building implosions) and, after all I’ve seen, today’s sonic boom from the space shuttle Discovery almost made me change my pants. No, just kidding, it wasn’t that bad, but it did startle everyone quite a bit.

Nowadays, in all reality, a company’s website is truly one of the most important aspects of the business. A unique, representative website to promote online exposure has become paired with success. In fact, not having a website, or some sort of web presence, sucks credibility from a business, thus turning customers away.

As the title says, I’ve come to the conclusion that bus stop advertisements, namely the ones that appear on the rear of benches, are truly a joke, especially in populated cities. Really, what’s the point? More than 90% of the time people are sitting at the bus stop; their bodies cutting off the punch line of a cheesy ad.  For the other 10% of the time, the ad isn’t visible due to graffiti, urban mobile homes (shopping carts), etc. This is the sad reality.

With a plethora of marketing mediums available, realtors are often faced with a difficult question: What is the best and most cost-effective way to market their business/listings? Well folks, search engine optimization it is!