We all know that social media is one of the best ways to market restaurants in this day and age, however not all realize that Instagram is truly the best thing since sliced bread. But now you do.

Our good friends at Ghost Motorsports brought three very sweet cars to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show this year, including a Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes CLS63, and an Audi A7.

When a funky new hairstyling product for pets appeared on this week’s Shark Tank, two of the sharks had a major bone to pick that ultimately ended up killing the deal. This should be an example for all businesses, especially start-ups operating on very tight budgets.

After spending a whopping $1 billion to wrap its hands around Instagram, what exactly is Facebook going to do to ensure the investment pays off? Yes, owning the best thing since sliced bread is good in itself, but that won’t make their shareholders happy.

Law firms throughout the world are beginning to understand the importance of social media in this day and age, and one question I’m asked on a regular basis is if marketing via social channels is worth the money. My answer: Not only is it worth the money, but failing to jump on the social media bandwagon can actually cost firms more than it saves them. Let me explain.

Like a fine handmade piece of art that’s totally unique, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires attention to detail. No two campaigns are alike because keywords, goals, products/services being offered, etc. all vary. And due to such, boxed SEO services scare me.

Luxury products are often synonymous with exclusivity, and when using social media channels for promotional purposes it’s important to find the right balance. Marketing strategies must be as luxurious and successful as the products themselves.

Launching a new company is no walk in the park, and many startups run on fumes until they receive funding and begin generating revenue. With extremely limited marketing budgets, early-stage startups must make every dollar count.